Thornhill Community Corridor

Thornhill Community Corridor (TCC) is an alliance of active, community-oriented businesses, churches, schools, groups, and residents in the Thornhill Drive /  Merriewood neighborhood of Oakland, CA. We are affiliated and housed under the Montclair Action Team. Our mission is to advocate for solutions that will make the Thornhill Drive corridor and nearby streets safer, more accessible, and more community oriented for all.

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About Thornhill Community Corridor (TCC)

TCC was formed in August 2022 by a group of concerned residents and community institutions. We believe the streets around Thornhill Drive have become more dangerous due to speeding and unsafe behavior by locals and visitors, making it only a matter of time before another tragic accident occurs. Recent near misses have made this concern all the more alarming. At the same time, we want to live in a community where walking, cycling, and driving are possible in safe and pleasant coexistence as we live our lives, raise families, and grow in neighborly community.

The city has repaved some of the streets and enhanced traffic infrastructure but we remain alarmed by the situation; the smooth, new roads seem only to have encouraged speeding. The current road and street infrastructure needs to be improved further, despite the 2021-2022 investments. We are seeking fellow neighbors to join us in identifying, calling for, and implementing the necessary approaches to make our community what we want it to be - safe, accessible, and enjoyable for all.

We want to address the safety concerns along Thornhill especially, as they affect us all. We also want to make school drop off and pick up a better, safer experience for all affected along the main road and in the local parking lots (and private driveways, which are often exploited). The Thornhill Elementary School PFC and parents work hard to make this part of the week go well but even some fellow parents abuse the process, leaving our inconvenienced neighbors and others in the school community feeling upset, unsafe, and stressed. We have identified many areas of action already and would like your help. Please sign up to learn more, stay in touch, and join us when we gather to solve these problems.

Current (summer 2023) Focus - Support AB645, Speed Safety System Pilot!

Read our group's letter of support for California Assembly Bill 645, about speed enforcement with cameras, sent to assembly member Laura Friedman.

Prior Events

On 10/8/22 we had a community at St. John's Oakland (1707 Gouldin Road).

Here is a link to a summary of the concerns and opportunities discussed. You can help keep up the momentum with this effort by:

Community meeting on Oct 8, 2022